Welcome to joeplaa.com

I’m Joep, a 35 year old guy, trying to figure out what he wants to achieve with his time in the sun. To give me some guidance along the way I have formulated two goals for myself:

  1. Live at least past the year 2100 in good health.
  2. Help two billion people make sense of “difficult” things, while trying to reach goal 1.
Picture of me working on jodiBooks
Working on jodiBooks

Only time will tell if these goals are indeed wisely chosen and formulated though. At least one of them will be very hard to achieve. So, on this site I will share my journey as I try to accomplish them. To make it more digestible, I have split the site in three parts.

1. Blog

The reason I started my own website: I wanted a blog. There’s a lot of stuff I’m trying to understand and I learned that talking about them or writing them down really helps. Giving words to my thought makes them more tangible, concrete and well better. They get more articulated and thought-through.

Subjects are mostly diet, mindset, learning, psychology, sociology and politics.

2. Portfolio

Together with Diana I have a company: jodiBooks. With this company we try to make administration and technology (software and computers) for beauty specialists as easy as possible. We developed the jodiBooks software to assists with that, but we also offer to help people out when they need any other help related to administration and technology:

  • Enter receipts and invoices
  • Webshop e-fulfillment
  • Computer and smartphone training
  • Computer and smartphone assistance
  • Website and webshop design

What I learned was that I really liked making websites and web apps. So I’m offering my services to make a websites for other people too. In my portfolio I share my work.

3. Howto’s

Next to designing websites and programming, I also host the jodiBooks software. Ever since I bought my first computer, I have been learning how to use it as a server. That was more than 15 year ago. I learned a lot through all those year and now I’m doing it professionally. In these howto’s I share some of the hurdles I encounter and how I crossed them.

Subjects are: Ubuntu, file-sharing, virtual machines, website hosting.