Together with Diana I have a company: jodiBooks. With this company we try to make administration and technology (software and computers) for beauty specialists as easy as possible. We developed the jodiBooks software to assists with that, but we also offer to help people out when they need any other help related to administration and technology:

  • Enter receipts and invoices
  • Webshop e-fulfillment
  • Computer and smartphone training
  • Computer and smartphone assistance
  • Website and webshop design

In developing that software I learned that I really like making websites and web apps. With that in mind, I decided to offer my services to make websites for other people too. In my portfolio I share my work.

jodiBooks calendar

jodiBooks calendar
Calendar work in progress

We build the calendar as a webapp with the Next.js framework. The calendar is based on React Big Calendar, which I styled with React and Bootstrap.

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jodiBooks booking plugin

I build the plugin as a webapp with the Next.js framework. I styled the app with React and Bootstrap and used JavaScript to code dynamic parts.

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Webshop for Best Beauty by Annemieke

One of our customers mentioned she'd liked to have a webshop someday. She wasn't in any rush, but when Covid hit, we quickly build a webshop for her.

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jodiBooks documentation website

Our user manual (application documentation) was put together in WordPress together with our blog. I build a dedicated docs website with Docusaurus.

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jodiBooks app

Although we did a decent job making the jodiBooks dashboard mobile-friendly, it still lacked the native feel of an app.

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jodiBooks blog website

Diana set up a WordPress blog, initially for me to, well, blog about and for jodiBooks. I learned to use it and took over the responsibility to keep it running.

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