The reason I started my own website: I wanted a blog. There’s a lot of stuff I’m trying to understand and I learned that talking about them or writing them down really helps. Giving words to my thought makes them more tangible, concrete and well better. They get more articulated and thought-through.

Subjects are mostly diet, mindset, learning, psychology, sociology and politics.

The news

The news
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I find that repulsive. By framing facts in a certain way, by selectively leaving things out and by overstating small parts of the whole, they force their view, their reality upon us. And this happens on all sides.

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Our emotional seesaw

Our emotional seesaw
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We found a perfect metaphor to describe what is actually happening when we both get triggered. We call it "the emotional seesaw".

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Whiteness defined?

So this is "whiteness"? I never knew I was that one dimensional. But you know what, I can live with that.

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Low salt intake is bad?

I always assumed salt was bad for you, but a low salt intake seems to be more dangerous than eating too much salt.

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The newspeak revolution has arrived. Words are banned, because some thoughts are seen as unwanted. It is a dystopian vision that is becoming eerily true.

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Not a political journey too

When you're figuring out who you are and what you stand for, sooner or later you run into politics. It starts small when dealing with family and friends.

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Living under autism

Till a couple of years ago I thought I came from a normal family. You know, the one you think everybody else has. Until my mom got her ASD diagnosis.

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I’m on edge

I'm on edge and I don't know why exactly. I do have some theories, but I don't have the full picture yet. Normally that would be a reason not to share.

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For now, instead of writing and creating my journey, I'm going to document it.

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