Some main life events

June 8

Uncle Joep (level up)

Uncle Joep (level up)
My brother May and his girlfriend/partner Robin got a son, Davy Percy. Again without doing anything myself, I want a level up to uncle Joep x2.
May 31

Quit my job

The idea has always been: Diana works full-time on coding jodiBooks, I will assist where possible. My main role was to bring in the money to pay the rent and other bills. I would thus have a full-time job, until we started making enough money with jodiBooks.
This worked fine for a year, but at the end of 2018 I almost burned-out, due to the stress in my job. In April of 2019 I decided it wasn’t improving, so I quit. I now work full-time on jodiBooks.

January 10

Started jodiBooks B.V.

Started jodiBooks B.V.

In 2017 we started thinking about starting our own business. After some careful thought about what we would be making and offering, we started developing jodiBooks. When we were ready to start selling our product, we officially started the company. It was registered at the chamber of commerce January 10, 2018.

March 1

Started my second job

Started my second job

After 3.5 years at Cortexon I wanted to go back to more “brainy” stuff. I thought I wanted to go back to research. More specifically, I wanted to do CFD analysis as I’m fascinated by efficiency and optimization. MCA was of great help and support, as they guided me in my search. Eventually I ended up at Nordson, far from the scientific environment I was looking for. In the end though, it served me very well in growing my knowledge about company politics. I also learned a tremendous amount of how people are different and thus also need to be treated differently.

November 30

Employees council

During the last years at Cortexon I took seat (as secretary) in the employees council of Minkels, on behalf of all employees of Cortexon.

September 6

1st date with Diana

But then, Diana asked me out… That was kind of unexpected, but eventually (yes I’m slow) I said yes. As residents of Strijp-S, we got free tickets to go to Brabant Open Air. The music was awful, but we talked for hours and I thought: “wow, she’s interesting.” And…we’re still together 🙂

May 1

Met Diana

I met Diana at a meeting for residents of the apartments in our street. We happened to sit next to each other and both ended up volunteering to organize a neighborhood barbecue. For me, that was just that and for 4 months we worked with 2 other residents on getting this event arranged.

November 8

My first apartment

My first apartment

In 2012 I got the keys to my first own place. Although I don’t own it, it’s a rental, and it’s “just” an apartment, I love it. I was lucky someone else didn’t wanted the apartment in the end, so I could move to Strijp-S, the neighborhood I hoped to move to ever since I started looking for my own place.

November 16

Received MSc

I took my masters way more serious and have to say, loved the courses way more. They, however, were tough, but still, after 2.5 years I received my master degree in Mechanical Engineering.

November 1

Started my first job

Started my first job

I started my first job right out of university. At the moment I wanted to do something more practical and less “brainy”. At Cortexon I had to design customer specific electronic housings. If applicable, I had to use EMC and IP standards, and I designed it with CAD software. Try that when you are trained as a scientist, it was a completely different world, but I learned a tremendous amount about designing with manufacturing in mind.

April 27

Uncle Joep

Uncle Joep

In 2009 my brother got a daughter, Esmee. So without doing anything I became a uncle Joep.

January 20

Received my BSc

It took me a little longer due to other priorities, but after 5.5 years I received my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

January 1

My dad died

I hadn’t seen my dad for 3 years. And out of nothing we got a call from the police, if we had seen my dad. Eventually they found him at a train station where he committed suicide by running into a train. It still feels weird, even after 10 years. I kind of had mourned already for not seeing him all that time, so the initial shock wasn’t that intense. In hindsight though, I needed a moment of pure happiness 7-8 months later to realize I had been mourning all that time, subconsciously. From that moment I felt much better and I still don’t know and can’t explain what triggered that feeling of happiness and peace or even what it was exactly.

September 21

Lustrum committee

Lustrum committee

I was part of the lustrum committee of my study association, WSV Simon Stevin. The association celebrated its 50th anniversary, for which we, for about 1.5 years, organized activities throughout the lustrum year, topped of with a lustrum week (17-21 September 2007), filled with activities, drinks and a big party.

September 7

Moved to Eindhoven

Moved to Eindhoven

Just after starting my bachelors, I got a room in a dorm in Eindhoven. I stayed there until I eventually found an apartment after graduating and getting a job.

September 1

Went to university

Went to university

After graduating from high school, I started my mechanical engineering bachelors at the technical university in Eindhoven (TU/e).

June 8

Parents divorced

It’s weird, but I can’t remember when this happened exactly. I know I must have been 17, but apart from that… They sat us down and told us and after a few months my dad bought the house next door and went to live there. So it kind of was a gradual process without fighting. It probably only started to sink in when my dad got into a new relationship.

November 1

Moved to Heerlen

When I was 11, we relocated to Heerlen, also The Netherlands. We got a bigger house, but at first I didn’t like it. I had to start at a new school, not cool for someone who was introverted and shy.

January 14



I was born in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. I lived there for 11.5 years